Discouraged Cheerleader

Dear Coach Wayne,

Every week on a daily basis, I go to a beginner cheerleading class 2 days a week. We practice on jumps, tumbling, motions, you know the basic stuff. I Suck at doing everything, I'm eleven and I can`t even do a herky, round-off, backward roll, or anything to impress the coaches. I think it is the cause of my weight (which is personal). I mean they help the other preteens/kids and me, but the little girls can do theirs better than me. I`m always hurt when my sister does something well because I can't do it. I feel like quitting the beginner cheerleading classes. Do you have any camps, programs, etc. that I could go to for help?

Do not be discouraged... instead become DETERMINED to excel at cheerleading!

Your weight should not be a concern in Cheerleading, unless you are medically limited. There is a roll for you on the squad if you dedicate yourself to really mastering each move, each chant, each stunt & each bit of your tumbling. I've taught cheerleaders of all shapes, sizes and ages. However, if you are new to stunts, tumbling, jumps and motions it may take you a few extra months of practicing to get up to speed.

On my website...www.CoachWayne.com I have some resources that may be helpful to you. Grab a parent and surf over to the site together to share your dreams! There you'll find:

1) my Better Back-Handsprings video. It's very good for beginner tumblers because the tape has seven complete workouts on it that you can practice at home. They will help you get stronger & more coordinated much more quickly.
2) my "TumblingTIPS" articles. They are FREE. Print them up and read them ... and DO the exercises.
3) on the "CREDITS" page you'll find LINKS to many website. Some websites have chants & motions that you can be practicing on.
4) sign up for my mailing list... I'll be releasing some new videos and guidebooks just for cheerleaders in your situation. By being on the list you'll find out about new things (possibly even some camps) as soon as possible.


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Remember, cheerleading is a sport and art that should continuously improve over YEARS... not days. COMMIT yourself to STUDYING every aspect of cheerleading... learn something new about it EVERY day. Those little ideas will accumulate over time until you have a WEALTH of knowledge and experience.

Take your time, be patient and do all you can EACH day to develop ALL your cheerleading skills. BUILD yourself up in areas where you can EXCELL. For example, if another girl is better at being a 'flyer' (the one who gets tossed into the air) and you're a base... (the one tossing her) LEARN to be the VERY BEST base you can possibly be!

If you can't do a good cartwheel yet... then WORK every day on having the BEST handstand! It's simpler, but by becoming truly GREAT at simple skills and motions YOU will eventually develop GREATNESS in more complicated skills.

Find some older cheerleaders and ask them to teach you some CHANTS and MOVES & then teach them to a few of your friends and put on a little cheer routine to show the coach and the rest of the kids that you'll go ABOVE and BEYOND the things everyone else is doing so that YOU can become GREAT & SHARE that greatness!

Lastly, have your Mom contact some of the high school cheer-squads to find out about local camps and clinics.

Have fun, be safe push HARD!!!

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