Landing & Backtucks

Hi Wayne,

I know how to do a round-off backhandspring but when I land my knees like I am crouching down and I want to land straight and I want to learn how to do a round-off backtuck if you have any suggestions please e-mail me back so I can be ready for cheer try-outs.

To put an end to your crouching... do NOT step-out of your handspring... INSTEAD... SPLIT the legs as they pass through the handstand position... and STEP backwards... one leg at a time. (like a lunge-step-exit)
This does TWO things:
1) It will FORCE you to identify WHEN you pass through the handstand position. Yes the handSPRING is a handSTAND based skill! If you don't make SURE you do a SUPERBLY formed handstand in the middle of it then your handSPRING will be poorly formed.
2) It will help you keep your HIPS elevated on the landing.

After you've practiced a few HUNDRED of those... you'll be ready for good rebounds and tucks


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