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My daughter is 10 years old and wants to become a cheerleader at our school. We have just begun competition cheerleading so tumbling and gymnastic have never been a part of cheerleading at the school until recently. Will the video shown on your web site be a good introduction to tumbling for her? We do not have a gym in our town and do not want to drive 30-45 minutes and commit to 3 months if she does not enjoy it. Would you recommend your video for those with no previous experience or would you recommend going to a gym with an instructor?

I have two videos now...
the top classic "Better Back-Handsprings"
and the new "Basic Handstand Position"

Both videos are appropriate for day-1 beginning students working ALONE at home. (age 7+) students learn PARTICULARLY rapidly when they combine video-home training with live-gym instruction. Normal live-gym instruction is limited to about 60 minutes (including warm-up/stretch/cool-down and play/talk time... plus waiting in line. Actual practice time on a specific skill becomes EXTREMELY limited.... then combine that with the fact that an ENTIRE WEEK must pass before the student can practice again... and progress is SLOW at best.

With the videos at home your daughter going to be practicing SPECIFICALLY on the skills she MOST WANTS & Needs as OFTEN as she wishes. Importantly the FOCUS of the video is on PREPARATION exercises (strength/ coordination / conditioning) so that when she actually walks into the gym her body is READY for training. She will have a thorough understanding of WHY and HOW the skill is performed correctly.


Have ~CoachWayne! come to YOUR gym!!!
erformance tumbling for students & Instructor training for staff

Coach Wayne is the Head Coach for the Savannah College of Art and Design Cheerleading team and Executive Coach of Olympic Gymnast Zuzana Sekerova. His articles, videos and books have been used by students and instructors world wide since 1991. Coach Wayne is available for in-gym instructor training and performance tumbling clinics throughout the year. For booking information, coaches/owners should call 912.398.8082. Students and parents should request coaches/owners to contact Coach Wayne:, or 912-238-1747, 912-398-8082.

The HandSTAND ($23.95) is a fundamental position for almost ALL cheer tumbling skills... in short... the quality of a students handSTAND will determine the quality of almost ALL her other cheer-tumbling skills. It's used in the cartwheel, the round-off, the front-handspring, the back-handspring... and combinations & variations of those skills. The handSTAND video is an IN-DEPTH review of the PRECISE placement of EACH and EVERY part of the performer's body... fingers to toes. The handstand is NEVER finished. After 25+ years in tumbling, I still practice them... and my Olympic Gymnast, Zuzanna Sekerova, practices hers EVERY time she's in the gym.... 6 days a week!

Then HandSPRING video ($29.95) is a comprehensive seven-day training program. Since it's release in 1991 it has remained unparalleled in it's effectiveness. I created it EXACTLY for students in your daughter's situation.

Together they'll put your daughter FAR ahead! After your daughter has worked with the video (handspring) for a few weeks, you should enroll her for some occasional "semi-private" or "private" lessons with a tumbling coach who specialized in tumbling. Usually a 1/2 hour (after warm-up) will be plenty. You may need to try several coaches to find the best one for her. Continue with the videos at home for several months after beginning the live lessons.

Ordering options are on my web site... but the handSTAND video is so new that it's not even on there yet. you can easily order both by calling 800-929-7889.

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