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IWA Gymnastics Shoes

IWA gym shoes are available throughout North America exclusively from Coach Wayne Gymnastics. IWA shoes, crafted in Crailsham, Germany, are the footwear of choice for elite athletes and performers worldwide.  Serving global customers from Cirque du Soleil to Ferrari World as well as your local tumbling and gymnastics classes, IWA is the trusted source for acrobats, tumblers, and gymnasts of all ages who appreciate comfort, confidence, and attention to detail. 

Find all available IWA gymnastics shoes.

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CoachWayne.com offers novice and experienced gymnasts, tumblers, and cheerleaders a wealth of information, camps, clinics, remote classes, videos, online lessons, and uniquely personal access to one of the internet's best collections of gymnastics knowledge you can find - Coach Wayne's TumblingTIPS.

For more than 40 years of Gymnastics and Cheerleading, Wayne Evans has taught private lessons, camps/clinics, and classes. He has instructed in the United States and Europe. Among his accolades, ~CoachWayne! was the Executive Coach and daily Trainer of two-time Olympic Gymnast Zuzana Sekerova (SVK).  He was the Head Coach for the Savannah College of Art and Design Cheerleading team for competitions and games.  He has served as Master Coach and Clinician for over 100 professional tumbling instructors through his Tumbling Instructor Skill Certification clinics.  CoachWayne authored the Amazon.com top-seller series, How to Do a Better Back Handspring and numerous related publications for professionals in the industry.  His "TumblingTips" articles have been read by hundreds of thousands of tumbling students and instructors worldwide. 


~CoachWayne! has consulted as an expert witness on the standard of care for gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling, and related recreational activities involving foam pits, trampolines & impact attenuation devices. Having performed as a gymnast, dancer, and cheerleader since he was 11, CoachWayne continues to share his experience with new generations of students and instructors. 

His newest creation, a Digital Assistant Coach, is currently available only to early access users at various Partner/Host Facilities in the US.  

"~CoachWayne!" ® is a Federally Registered trademark. ts and Recreation Expert Witness. Liability and Safety Expert Witness. Athletics and Recreation Expert Witness. Gymnastics Expert Witness. Cheerleading Expert Witness. Tumbling Expert Witness.