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About Whip back 
Body Weight and Tumbling
Moving Back Tucks from Trampoline to the Floor
Spotting Connections
Synchronized Tumbling
Back Strength and Flexibility
Jumping for Your Back Tuck
Excellence Begins with tha Basics
Controling Your Round-Off
Back-Handspring - Keeping the Head Neutral
Preparing At Home
Fear Is Not Bad
Tumbling for Cheerleading: Tune Your Body to Tumbling
Layout Twisting
Variations of the Back-Handspring
How Long Does It Take?
Discouraged Cheerleader
Back Handspring Leg Push
1000 People Are Watching You!
Gymnastics Instructor
Workshop Suggestions
Broken Bones
Wrist Exercises
Handspring Crash Course
Crooked Back Handsprings
Strengthening Exercises
Blind Entry
Front Handsprings
Roundoffs - Hand Placement & Aerials
Round-off Variations
Standing Back
Back Extension
Caving Arms on Handspring
3 Technique Questions
Legs Bending
Bad 2nd Hollows
Efficient Standing Back Tuck
Back Handspring Before Backbend?
More Crooked Back Handsprings
Getting Feet Over In Backbend
Diet and Weight Loss
Getting Over Fear
Landing & Backtucks
Crashing on Head
Crashing on Head - Follow-Up
Back Layout Salto
Inconsistent Back Handsprings
The Video is SAFE!
The Next Step
Breaking the Squat
Introduction to Tumbling
Lost Back Handspring
Help on Youngster's Form
Trampoline to Floor
Handstands are a Foundation
Back HEAD Springs?
Unique Passes
Bent Arms in the Back-Handspring
Right Age for Gymnastics
Handspring Ends on Knees
Tumbling Fear
Handspring Fear
Tumbling Blocks