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Back Handspring Before Backbend?

Coach Wayne,

I was wondering if you have ever heard of anyone being able to do a back handspring before doing a back bend kick over. I would like to know because I have been trying for about two months to do a back bend kick over and I just can't kick over. Cheerleading tryouts are in a month, and though it doesn't matter if we can do anything gymnastics wise the judges add a lot of points for being able to do a back handspring. Do you think you can give me some tips that will help me? Do you also think that there is any hope for me to be able to do a handspring in at least a month and a half?

Thanks for your support!

The handspring and the backbend kick-over are unrelated. The handspring is a speed and power skill... the backbend kick-over is a flexibility skill. They are BOTH handstand based skills... so you should be practicing your handstand many times each day. Often the backbend can be used in the handspring progressions.... & doesn't require much flexibility.
Hold the arch stand position... then PUSH with both arms...."SPRING" ... off hands for an inch... then land again on the hands... repeat 10-20 times. keep your hands close together, thumbs almost touching each other.
NEXT: Push with the LEGS instead... make sure when you push... that the KNEES STRAIGHTEN COMPLETELY!!!! and point your toes and keep your ankles together. again, 10-20 reps EACH day.
Those are BOTH tough exercises that will become easier within a week.


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