Are you wondering EXACTLY how the hands are supposed to be in your round-offs? What angle does the right hand turn to? How do you orient the fingers of the left hand? This lesson explains hand placement with PRECISION and DETAIL.

In this lesson CoachWayne reveals his first and favorite round-off drill-station, complete with matting configurations. Clear, concise diagrams can be instantly applied to round-offs in your gym for greater consistency, beauty, power, and confidence.

Stop those out-of-control round-offs now so speed and power can be maximized. Deliver tumbling to be proud-off.

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- 6 pages of animations and illustrations with detail specific angles, distances, and positions for round offhand placement.

- Avoid potential injuries to the wrist.

- Maximize control and accuracy.

- Instant Online Access with Credit Card.

- Eliminate crooked round-offs that veer to the side out of control.

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