A "benchmark" is a standard point of reference that is used to measure how well a skill is being performed. This online lesson covers back-tucks, handsprings, cartwheels, round-offs, and combination skills. With demonstrations by Olympic gymnast Zuzana Sekerova, this incredible online lesson is the one that NO TUMBLER or coach should be without!

"Benchmarks of Excellence" comes with audio narration, extra tips, animations, and video clips. From day one beginner to international competitive elite in cheerleading, gymnastics or acro-tumbling Benchmarks of Excellence is a MUST HAVE for EVERY level. Get yours now.

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- 18 pages of animations and illustrations with detail specific angles, distances, and positions for world-class skill and drill execution

- Coach Wayne identifies and helps you to avoid common mistakes so you stop problems before they become bad habits

- Precise step-by-step lead-up skills provide a proven path for skill mastery

- Purchase Satisfaction Guaranteed on all Coach Wayne purchases

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